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8 things you can do with your tea bags!

We’ve put together 8 things you can do with your tea bags! • After brewing your tea, instead of throwing away the tea bag try one of these life hacks! We promise you will enjoy the outcomes 🤗 • 1️⃣ Simply brew another cup. 2️⃣ Use your tea bag to heal burns, cuts, or even bruises by literally placing the tea bag directly on the burn. 3️⃣ Add some extra flavor to your pasta by boiling the tea bags in the water. 4️⃣ Use it as mouth wash to cure bad breath. 5️⃣ Ditch household odors: sprinkle tea remainders in trash can and in fridge. 6️⃣ Ditch feet odor: place tea bags in shoes and you can even soak your feet with tea bags as well. 7️⃣ Get rid of that toilet ring by rubbing the ring with the tea bag. 8️⃣ Have some fun and make popsicles. Perform the iced tea method then pour into popsicle molds. & Enjoy. 😋 

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